Sunday, July 14, 2013

Detroit's Rock & Roll Heyday Chronicled On 'Blowing Fuses Left And Right'

I loves me some good ol' Detroit Rock and Roll music and right after that, I loves hearin' me some stories about good ol' Detroit Rock and Roll music.

And then someone shows me a recent picture of the disrepair of the Grande Ballroom and then I begin hating that city all over again.

Wait up, Barry Gordy! I'm coming with you!

Another interview movie appealing to only to music geeks like me is now available and probably worth viewing.

Somewhat related: check out the Metro Times story from almost a decade ago detailing the whereabouts of Detroit rock photographer Leni Sinclair, most noted for that iconic MC5 shot from back in the day.


25 Year Old Interviews With Members of MC5 and Stooges Finally See Light Of Day in 
Blowing Fuses Left & Right on DVD and Deluxe DVD July 2

O-Rama LLC and MVD are proud to release Blowing Fuses Left And Right: The Legendary Detroit Rock Interviews digitally and on DVD on July 9.

The thought-to-be-destroyed original tapes from 1988 were recently re-discovered in an attic in NJ - the five hours worth of footage include interviews with Ron Asheton (the Stooges), Dennis Morgan (the MC5) and Rob Tyner (also from the MC5 in, apparently, his final interview).

A deluxe DVD will also be released that includes additional interviews with Scott Morgan (The Rationals), Russ Gibb (owner of Detroit's Grande Ballroom) and John Sinclair (manager of the MC5 and former head of the White Panther Party).


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