Friday, October 12, 2012

Mike Watt Returns To Iowa And Tolerates Barrage Of Silly Bass Guitar Questions

Mike Watt and the Missingmen played Des Moines recently for what was the first time in decades. You'll recall my own encounter with Mike Watt during a firehose tour, but that was a while ago.

Time to let the kids have a chance with him.

While Mr. Watt was performing, I was entertaining the Mrs. with a pair of birthday tickets to Les Miserables that had us viewing all of the performer's copious amounts of saliva. The dude who played Inspector Javert had more fluids coming out of his piehole than Gene Simmons at a Kiss Kruise performance.

A younger co-worker did have the opportunity to meet up with Watt after the gig, and made enough of an impression on him to write about him on his hoot page:

"I sling and this cat recognizes "106 beats that" and he's young too, much respect. he's very cool and we talk about flannels w/his buddy, discussing what's up w/the one pocket bullshit that pretends to be the real deal. one lady writes a message on one of my hands as I sling w/the other. I read it but know it has meaning cuz she told me her brother explained everything about me to her. more than a few bass players talk w/me. much kindness here, much. I most grateful." 

And while we're talking about how cool Mike Watt is, how about a plug for his upcoming Throbblehead, He looks about a quarter-century younger and his eyes are crossed, for "effect" I guess.

MIKE WATT Throbblehead Announced Pre-orders open now, shipping late November 2012 Mike Watt, bass player and co-founder of the legendary Minutemen (along with D.Boon) and current member of The Stooges, is now available in Throbblehead form. This figure of Watt in full-on freak mode is limited to 1000 numbered units, stands at 7 inches tall, and is made of polyresin. Watt is accurately sculpted right down to his rubber faced look, plaid flannel shirt, and the andy bass. Pre-order HERE !

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