Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Here's To Ben!

Just did a review for the new Bryan Ferry album, in which I referred to Mr. Ferry as one "suave fuck."

I'm a fan of David Lynch-not so much of Fire Walk With Me or Lost Highway-and the reference used for my Olympia review was blatantly lifted from one of my favorite scenes from Blue Velvet.

And I can't tell this story enough:

Over the summer, E was outside playing and C was upstairs napping, providing yours truly with some quality Me time. I saw that Eraserhead was playing on one of indie-movie channels like IFC or Sundance.

Anyway, I begin watching it and E decides to come in right around the time time of the Lady in the Radiator scene. He notices her cheeks are really messed up and he begins to ask all sorts of questions about the movie, the characters, and the general lack of a linear plot.

By the time the larvae baby is murdered, he exclaims that he "Shouldn't be watching this!" which prompts me to break out in hysterics.

I hope he appreciates these moments when he gets older.

I'll never thank my Dad enough for taking me to Blackula.

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