Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Regarding The Awesomeness Of Wayne Coyne's Tweets

I resisted Twitter for as long as possible.

I didn’t understand the idea behind it, and I assumed that “tweets” would consist of the most mundane and borings musings and not be worth the trouble. Then I found out the key-because, yes, most tweets are mundane and boring.

But you can configure it in the manner that you want and suddenly, your smart phone beeps, shakes, and lights up with all sorts of ridiculous updates that distract you to a point of near overload.

I was glued to the entire Tila Tequila Gathering of the Jugallos incident like it was the OJ trial.

I followed the zaniness of Axl Rose as he took over NYC recently, showing up at strangely trendy parties which ultimately gave way to Axl acting erratically as if on cue.

I read how Bob Lefsez turned into a Phishhead.

But the best tweets of all-the ones that are so consistently awesome that I would encourage you to sign up with Twitter just to follow-are the ones that come from Wayne Coyne.

Yes, I know that Kayne has the traction and publicity with the quotable quotient of his tweets, but Coyne’s are better.

The obvious reason is his love of tweeting nude pictures of his wife. Of course, the fact that she has a nice enough body to actually welcome said nakedness helps considerably, but the mere act is turn Wayne and Michelle as the most cool indie couple since Thurston and Kim.

And Michelle is not above becoming a digital drool bait as she offers the same birds-eye view of her old man’s junk, but I haven’t gandered too long at those.

Coyne is the perfect personality type for Twitter; he’s continually doing something, afraid of staying at rest for too long, but not retentive enough to not notice the beauty of a sunset or wacky signs or graffiti.

So inbetween those tweets, he gives updates for every little thing that he’s doing, and they all sound like they’re infinitely more fun than anything you or I are doing.

Whether it’s watching Jell-o wrestling at an Oklahoma dive or visiting weird amusement parks in Europe, Wayne Coyne is wonderfully geared towards providing an enviable life while staying close to the overall mantra that his musical band provides.

Nudie shot courtesy of Michelle Coyne's Twitter feed.


Kiko Jones said...

Um, ya could've posted her pic...

Todd Totale said...

His peepee is cropped out.

bunnypancake said...

I couldn't agree more. I signed up for twitter just for his tweets, and my husband and I stayed up looking at them last night because he finally caved when I wouldn't shut up about them.