Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mojo Nixon Throbblehead

I saw Mojo Nixon once with Skid Roper at Steb’s in Cedar Falls.

Good-sized crowd as I recall, and Mojo did all the “hits” which must have been tortuous after the fortieth show of the tour.

Yes, Mojo’s shtick didn’t seem to last all that long, which is a testament to his talent and lack of diversity.

Perhaps that’s why his run of throbbleheads is only about 500 units,

The pitch:

"Mojo Nixon, the patron saint of psychobilly, has finally been realized in throbblehead form!

This figure capturing his look from the late 80s is limited to 500 numbered units, stands at 7 inches tall, and is made of super strong polyresin.

Mojo holds his sweet sunburst hollow body proudly while extemporaneously pontificating. He's accurately sculpted right down to the ponderously raised eyebrow, plaid shirt, and signature mutton chops.

"It makes a great stockin stuffer for your drunk uncle," said Mojo. "Every hostess with psychosis will need at least one for their X-mas xtravaganza. Hope nobody pleasures themselves with my good lookin doll!"

Currently, you can check out Mojo on Sirius XM "Outlaw Country" (Channel 60 - Weekday Afternoons - 4pm EST), "Lying Cocksuckers" Political Show (Channel 99 - Thursdays 5pm EST), and "Manifold Destiny" NASCAR Show (Channel 90 - Monday 10pm EST).

MOJO is everywhere!

The figures cost $19.95, and orders will ship the first week of November.

Check out the commercial that Nixon recorded a song for..."

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